Replacement of car windows and industrial vehicles
Windscreen glass repair

Our body shop offers a complete and precise service of replacement of car windows, buses and industrial vehicles in Torre Santa Susanna and glass repair. In case of condensation in the glass that reduces the passenger's view to the outside, we are able to bring the crystal back to its original state through the use of certified and high quality materials. In the event of chipping we repair the glass by injecting resin-based products into cracks which stop the break and restore the original crystal structure.

Windshield replacement

The body shop of Fratelli Calabrese tries to avoid the total replacement of the windshield, but sometimes the extent of the damage is such as to make it unavoidable. In fact, we only use crystals manufactured in accordance with the original material manufacturer's standards (OEM), which ensures that all windscreens we install are of the same quality as the previous one or even better. Processing times are between 24/48 hours.
Replacement of crystals

Our customers also can take advantage of a dedicated service to the replacement and repair of glass, crystals and windows. We are able to return a complete efficient vehicle to you in a very short time, within 8/24 hours. We guarantee efficiency and quality.
Reach us, we will welcome your every request.
Headlight restoration

Over time the headlights tend to become opaque and yellow, damaging their visibility and the safety of each passengers. Our bodywork also deals with the regenerating of the headlights using high quality materials, such as some polycarbonate based resins, which restore the original protective film avoiding the complete replacement of the same.