Platforms for Disabled people
Courtesy car, rental and sale of secondhand cars, pick-up and redelivery of vehicles at home

We offer our customers a wide range of services aimed at limiting the waiting time related to the individual processes. Our fleet of secondhand vehicles, of various brands or models, offers courtesy or rental cars. We also guarantee a pick-up and redelivery service for your vehicle: in the event of a sudden failure, we can intervene with our vehicles by picking up your vehicle directly at your home and taking it to the repair shop and then returning it as new.
Platforms for Disabled people

We make every vehicle accessible and suitable for the transport of people with disabilities by installing special retractable or internal electro-hydraulics platform lifts, in compliance with current disability regulations.
Upholstery and silk-screen printing

At our workshop we create, customize and modify the seams, the internal damaged by the wear and the seats both with regard to the padding and the frames. We also have a wide range of products for vehicle decorations: choose the silk-screen printing suited to your style by relying on the advice and suggestions from our staff.
Fratelli Calabrese installations

We offer our customers:

  • installation of the "baumot" particulate filter: product for the treatment of exhaust gases that allows the transformation of vehicles in Euro 5 class according to the Interministerial Decree 39/2008
  • installation of navigation systems, video and audio systems: choose from the many products in our warehouse to obtain optimal comfort of your vehicle;
  • "block shaft" installation: a mechanical anti-theft device thanks to an additional steering lock activated by a personalized key.

Our body shop offers a complete series of latest generation products with innovative solutions for every type of car in order to ensure customers personal safety and a correct and constant maintenance of the vehicle.

Air conditioning recharging

For the restoration of your conditioning system, our technical staff provides the sanitization of the same by replacing the anti-pollen filter and recharging every type of gas used in air conditioners. Come visit us and take advantage of our air conditioning recharge service in Torre Santa Susanna.